Cyprus Food & Drinks

Funded by the Cyprus Research Institute, the portal aims to support the Cypriot food and drink industries, focusing especially on the promotion of the traditional gastronomy and the historically important agricultural products that comprise the Cypriot version of a healthy Mediterranean diet. The portal is run in collaboration with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and managed by a Comittee of Directors. Our On-Line Food & Wine Bridge aims to provide the gateway for Cypriot processors and manufacturers to promote their products in world markets. The decision to construct a bridge between Cyprus and the international food market stems from the necessity of the Cypriot industry as a whole to have in hand a promotional tool with broad market coverage at a cost that lies within the capabilities of the average business. The Cyprus food and drinks industry is a tiny player in the global food marketplace and as such suffers from the lack of adequate promotional funds in making its products known to consumers around the world. The task becomes even more difficult when it comes to authentic Cyprus foods.
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