International Association for Literary Journalism Studies

The website of the International Association for Literary Journalism Studies gives access to information about the association and its work, as well as useful related resources. The association promotes the "study of literary journalism/literary reportage more so than its practices and is devoted to the teaching and researching of literary journalism and literary journalists throughout the world". The society's aims are forwarded in part by: annual conferences; a peer-reviewed journal "Literary Journalism Studies"; and a newsletter. The site provides details of these conferences, as well as the full text of the association's newsletter (in PDF format), and of Literary Journalism Studies (at the time of writing only the first issue, Spring 2009 is available). As well as the usual details on the association's membership and byelaws, the site also gives a list of related links and a promises a blog in the future. Those working and studying in the fields English and Media Studies would find this resource of interest.

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