Limassol is located between the ancient towns of Amathus and Curium. It is believed that Limassol was built after the destruction of Amathus in 1191. However, the town was inhabited since 2000 BC and other remains date back to the 8th and 4th century BC. The official record of the town’s history starts in 1191 when Richard the Lionheart, his fiancée Berengaria and his sister Ioanna stopped in Limassol after a storm. There, Richard took over the island from the Isaac Comnenus, the Byzantine governor and later he married Berengaria crowding her Queen of England in Cyprus after destroying Amathus and moving all the residents to Limassol.



Getting Around Limassol by Bus
Getting around Limassol is fairly easy as the city’s public transportation has been upgraded through an efficient, cost effective bus service promoted by the EMEL bus company. The ticket cost is €1.50 for a one way ticket, €2.50 for a nightly, €5.00 for a daily, whilst there is also the option of a weekly ticket for the price of €15.00. The buses travel between all popular resorts of the city as well as rural areas and their frequency is also quite good. There are a number of frequent routes and timetables on how to get to and from the conference venue by bus.  For more information on routes and timetables check the bus service website.