FP7 post-grant Open Access publishing funds pilot

The EC has launched a Pilot to fund OA publications for finalized FP7 projects through the OpenAIRE project.

The European Commissions's "Communication and Recommendation on access to and preservation of scientific information" and Recommendation C(2012) 4890 on access to and preservation of scientific information (July 2012), identified a need to consider "whether and under what conditions open access publication fees can be reimbursed after the end of the grant agreement". As a consequence, a pilot funding instrument to support Open Access publishing for post-grant FP7 projects has been initiated. The post-grant Open Access Pilot provides an additional instrument to improve access to research results from FP7 projects, but does not affect authors' choice on how their project publications are made Open Access.

The FP7 post-grant pilot is being developed in the context of the OpenAIRE2020 project, and is aligned with the Open Access infrastructure and support network provided by OpenAIRE. The current FP7 post-grant Open Access Pilot should not be confused with the previous FP7 Green Open Access Pilot launched in August 2008.

Technical Requirements for Funded Publications:

The following criteria need to be met upon publication for the funding to be granted:

  • Funded publications must be peer-reviewed in order to be eligible for funding by this Pilot. Evidence on the peer-review process may be requested when applicable.
  • Funded publications must be made available under an open content licence, preferably Creative Commons CC-BY or CC-BY-SA. As an exception, a CC-BY-NC licence will be acceptable for monographs during the first year of the Pilot.
  • Funded publications must be assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) or equivalent persistent identifier as early as possible in the publication process, ideally when a publication is accepted. In any case, the identifier must be assigned before the invoice gets paid.
  • The published version for funded publications must be made available by the publisher in PDF/A format. Additional formats that allow better use of text and data mining techniques are strongly encouraged such as XML (see here for an example) or HTML.
  • Such PDF/A files (plus their TDM-able equivalents2) must be filed in Zenodo, or any other OpenAIRE-compliant repository once they are published. The deposit into the OpenAIREcompliant repository should be made by the publisher whenever possible, but it can also be delivered by researchers or their supporting institution.
  • The licensing information must be included in the metadata for the deposited item
  • Publications must include a statement where applicable on how underlying research materials, such as research data, samples or models, can be accessed.
  • Funded outputs must acknowledge the original FP7 project according to FP7 model grant agreement rules. Additional acknowledgement information on the specific Open Access funding can be added. The acknowledgment must be included in the bibliographic metadata of the deposited publication whenever possible.