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EUt+ Academic Press Europe open to the world and committed to the principle that scholarship should be available to all without barriers or paywalls. Available to members of the EUt+ Alliance only Free to read and free to publish in Share endings quickly Present your work on a global stage What is it? The EUt+ Academic Press is an initiative of the EUt+ Alliance and is part of a three-year pilot project to establish a European Education area. The objective of the Press is to demonstrate the demand for a free publishing platform for members of the Alliance so that their scholarship can be shared with the world. We offer rapid publishing so that findings are disseminated quickly. All materials peer reviewed and only items of high academic quality will be selected. How to apply All material submitted to the Press must follow the author guidelines. This also applies to editors and compilers of material produced under the auspices of the EUt+. Individual author/s must complete a proposal form and the application and review process takes place in the author's home institution. Firstly, complete the proposal form and send it to the approving authority in the institution who will decide if it is eligible to go forward. Please note the author retains the copyright but all material will be made available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0 InternationaI Licence. Contact your local representative for more details Or Yvonne Desmond,
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