Refworks is an internet tool of bibliography creation and administration, designed in order to help the researchers to gather, administer, save and sharing bibliographical data, as well as to create their own bibliographical database.

Refworks provides the possibility to create a personal account. The user imports bibliographical references:

  • directly from data bases and Google Scholar
  • from electronic archives of text
  • manually typing the bibliographical data of the source


Additionally, it allows the formatting of these references pursuant to the several standards of bibliography (APA, Harvard, MLA, Vancouver etc.) and the creation of citations and bibliography lists in projects, scientific writings, articles etc. The user during the writing of articles, projects or dissertations, has the possibility through the application Write-N-Cite to automatically submit the formatted bibliographical references.

The user shares the content of his/hers personal database with other users giving them the ability to search and see the bibliographical references included in his/hers personal database, to export bibliographical data, to create bibliographic lists etc.


Note: Refworks consists of a clearly internet application and the installation of the software or the data on the computer is not necessary.

All the members of the university community of the Cyprus University of Technology have the right to use the Refworks. Therefore, the creation of a Refworks account is necessary through the network of the university, in order for the user to have right of access inside and outside the university network.


Attend relevant tutorials which will facilitate the tool’s usage.