Remedica Open Access Author Fund

  Terms and conditions for financing

  Eligible Costs for funding 

  Procedure for the submission and approval of funding requests

  Submission Form


The Remedica Open Access Author Fund is an initiative of the Library of the Cyprus University of Technology as a culmination of the Library’s actions leading to the promotion of open access and the support of academics and researchers in the publication of their research in peer reviewed electronic journals and open access books where the author bears the publication costs.

Open access is the free, immediate, permanent online access to digital academic and scientific content, free of charges and free of most copyright restrictions.

The creation of the Fund was approved by the Senate in September 2013 aiming to fund academic publications in journals and Open Access books. The pharmaceutical company Remedica Ltd has undertaken the financing of the Fund for the next two academic years within the frame of kits Corporate Social Responsibility, with a maximum funding amount of € 14000 per year.

Similar initiatives have been implemented in several universities abroad and encouraged by international organizations such as SPARC (Scholarly Publishing Academic Research Coalition). Cyprus University of Technology is the first academic research institution in the Greek Cypriot area, which implements the creation of a Financing Fund to support scientific publications in open access sources.


Terms and conditions for financing



  • The policy of the publishers regarding  the cost of publication must be freely available online and it must be clear that the issuer waives the fee in cases of economic hardship.
  • In the case of securing a funding through the «CUT Open Access Author Fund» the writer is obliged to submit in pdf format the complete text of the publication in KTISIS - the Institutional Repository of the University, and sign the Form E-YB 04 / 52.0 "Deposit and permission to distribution of academic publications. "



Eligible Costs for funding

• The «CUT Open Access Author Fund» covers only the costs and fees associated with open access publishing activity (open access publication fees).

• If there is more than one author in a publication, the funding covers the percentage corresponding to each author who is a member of the University and applying for funding.

• Eligible costs for funding do not include:

- Costs for reprints, graphics and other charges. Such costs are covered primarily by the budget of the Research Activities.

- Published articles in electronic journals or books that charge an annual fee, including the magazines or books using the model of delayed open access, or provide open access only option.

- Published articles or books that are the result of research funded by other External Research Projects covering expenses of publication / issue. This applies in cases where they are fully financed from external sources, mainly from the European Commission, the Research Promotion Foundation and other organizations / institutions.


Procedure for the Submission and approval of funding requests

1. Faculty members submit to the Library their request for the funding of their publication presenting the following evidence:

(i) A completed relevant form (see Form E-YB 04 / 51.0 "Application for funding from the CUT Open Access Author Fund»

(ii) A completed and signed Form R YB-04 / 52.0 "Deposit and license for the electronic dispensing of academic posts»


  1. In the case where the authors  pay the publication fees to the publisher prior to the application, the following documents must be presented additionally:

(iii) Invoice by the publisher in the name of the academic

 (iv) Payment receipt from the publisher

(v) Credit card statement or bank receipt showing the payment amount.


  1. In the case where upon the submission of the application there is the possibility of direct payment by the University the need only to submit the document (iii).

2. The Library examines all the requests and verifies that they qualify for funding from the Fund.

3. The Library Director forwards all requests at regular intervals to the Library Senate Committee for final approval and the Commission's minutes are communicated directly to all applicants.

4. After examining the request the Library Senate Committee sends a reply letter informing them about the approval or rejection of the request.

5. The Library prepares and sends a payment instruction to the Treasury for the processing of the payment.

6. In the case of securing funding through the «CUT Open Access Author Fund» the author is obliged to:

- Acknowledge this fact in the article / book (Acknowledgments)

- Submit in pdf format the complete text of the publication to the Institutional Repository KTISIS and sign the Form R YB-04 / 52.0 "Deposit and license of electronic dispensing academic publications."