Library's mission

The Library of Cyprus university of Technology opened in 2007 and is located at the restored building of Old Court of Limassol “Vasilis Michailides”.

The Library’s mission is to serve and support the members of the academic society, enhancing the scientific research and the educational procedure. The Library actively participates to the University’s mission for providing education and research of high level in important sectors. This fact is achieved with the access to information and to the registered knowledge, with the carrying out of seminars as well as with the ensuring and organization of noteworthy source of information for the development of research and other skills from its users-members.


Library’s objectives

The development of the Library’s collection.

The increase of usage and exploitation of the Library’s material.

The users’ education related to the development of skills for the tracking, assessment and information’s usage.

The concentration, preservation and dissemination of the research activity of the University.

The facilitation of the exchange and dissemination of the scientific information.

The contribution and the representation of the Library to local and international conferences.

The providing of adequate usage area of the Library.

The upgrade and promoting of the online services of the Library.

The improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the on-line systems of the Library.

The providing of assistance and support to the local Libraries.

The preservation of the cultural heritage of Cyprus.

The promotion of the social character of the Library.

The amplification of the information activities for the preparation of the future students.

The constant upgrade of the quality of the providing services and productivity.