Library’s Membership Card

All the users get the personal member card of the Library, which is valid to all the CUT Libraries.Every member of the Library, when obtaining his/hers card automatically states that he/she is aware and accepts the terms governing the regulation of functioning of the CUT Library.

The members have the responsibility of informing the library for every change related to their telephone number, home and work address, either this is temporary or permanent, as well as the other personal details written on the application form of a new member.The identity, the form of which is the same for everyone, is issued for the external members with the payment of euro 6,80.

The right of borrowing and the other services that the Library’s card member provides is strictly personal and is not transferred to other persons.

The issuing of the member card for collective bodies is issued under the name of one responsible natural person (member of the collective body), which is indicated by the collective body.

The member card is used only by the legal holder that has the exclusive responsible for anything borrowed.

The reissue of the identity is affected after the declaration of its loss to the Library and to the Service of Information systems of CUT. The interested party is charged with the amount of 6,80 euros.

The period of validity of the member starts from its issue date. It depends from the membership and is identified as:



Period of validity of identity

Academic Staff

Up until the leaving CUT

Undergraduate Student

After the termination of studies   

Postgraduate Student

2 years

PhD Student 

3 years

Administrative Staff

Up until leaving 

Erasmus Students

Equal to the duration of stay 

Special Scientist

1 year

Εξωτερικό μελος

1 year

Medical and Nurse staff of the Hospital of Nicosia 

1 year


3 years

Cooperation Member

Up until leaving the university he/she belongs to