Scopus Author Identifier

Scopus Author Identifier

The Scopus author identifier distinguishes you from other authors by assigning you a unique number and then grouping all your documents together. However, if your name has appeared in various ways during your authoring career or you’ve changed affiliations at any point, your publications may be spread over a number of different author profiles. Clarify your identity by checking that the list of publications associated with your Scopus author identifier is correct, and use the ORCID integration to link your Scopus information with an ORCID ID.

How do I get started with Scopus Author ID?

You will be automatically assigned a Scopus Author ID when you publish in a journal indexed by Scopus.

 You do not need to register for a Scopus Author ID; if you have a paper indexed in their database, you are automatically assigned a Scopus Author ID.  Use the  free lookup tool to find your Scopus Author ID.

How to import Scopus publications into ORCID?

  • 1. Login to your ORCID record. 
  • 2. Select MY ORCID RECORD
  • 3. Click on Works +Add Works
  • 4. Select Search & Link
  • 5. Select Scopus to ORCID 
  • 6. Click to Authorize
  • 7. Select your Scopus profiles

Benefits of Scopus Author ID

Having a Scopus Author ID gives you the following benefits:

  • Automatic author identification
  • Publication list
  • Citation metrics available