Web of Science - Researcher ID

Web of Science - Researcher ID

ResearcherID is a freely available resource for the global, multi-disciplinary scholarly research community. After registering, you are assigned an individual ID number that stays with you over the course of your career, regardless of name changes or change in institution affiliation.

ResearcherID allows you to create an online Profile for showcasing your publication history. It is designed to associate you with your scholarly work, thus assuring an accurate record of output and attribution. It also provides a gateway for colleagues to quickly locate your published work and to identify you as a potential collaborator.

How Do I Get a ResearcherID

1. You can request a ResearcherID from the homepage of the Web of Knowledge in the menu bar.

2.Alternatively, you can request a ResearcherID through the registration link http://www.researcherid.com/SelfRegistration.action using your name and email.

How to import Web of Science publications into ORCID?

  • 1. Login or register for ResearcherID
  • 2. Click on ResearcherID
  • 3. Select the appropriate action: To associate your ORCID with your ResearcherID account and Click Continue
  • 4. Login to ORCID
  • 5. Click Authorise for the data exchange between the two systems. This will return you to ResearcherID
  • 6. Decide “What data would you like to exchange between ResearcherID and ORCID?” e.g. Profile ID, Send ResearcherID publications into my ORCID account, or Retrieve ORCID publications into my ResearcherID account
  • 7. Select: Send ResearcherID publications to my ORCID account.
  • 8. Click Send. This will send 100 publications at a time.
  • 9. Grants & patents are not at the moment accepted by ORCID
  • 10. Delete duplicates
  • 11. ORCID does not track citations. Times Cited will not display in ORCID.

Researcher ID Features

At ResearcherID.com, you can:

  • Update your biographical (Profile) information at anytime.

  • Build your "My Publications" list by uploading works that you authored from any product database in Web of Knowledge including the Author Search function in Web of Science.

  • Manage your publication list with EndNote Web.

  • Control whether your Profile is public or private, much like people do on Facebook and other Web sites.

  • View citation metrics for items found in the Web of Science.

  • Search the registry to find collaborators, review publication lists, and explore how research is used around the world.

  • Designate an administrator at your institution to update your ResearcherID publication list.