American Chemical Society

Contract summary: 
Unlimited access for all authorized users to the full-text subscription contents of the ACS.
Who is eligible: 
To qualify to have their articles published under the OBP, corresponding authors must have direct association with the institution and must be an Authorized User as such term in meant in the Agreement. It is highly recommended for ease of identification and administrative matters that corresponding authors utilize during the manuscript submission process a current email address extension that is directly associated to their respective Institution. For clarity, the term corresponding author as used herein means the author handling the manuscript and correspondence during the publication process, who has the authority to act on behalf of all co-authors regarding publication of the manuscript. Hereafter, the term Qualifying Author as used in this Addendum shall mean the corresponding author as described above.
Contract period: 
The Term of this Agreement shall be from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024
Eligible journal: 
All hybrid, JACS AU, and the suite of Au gold journals,
The current version of the Creative Commons Attribution license (“CC-BY”).
Type of eligible articles: 
For each article published under OBP, one (1) Token will be considered used. Tokens can be used for articles for all hybrid, JACS AU, and the suite of Au gold journals, but cannot be used for publishing eBooks. Any new journals added to the publications portfolio of ACS during the term will be automatically eligible for publication under OBP unless otherwise specified by Grantee.
Research area: 
Chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science