Electronic Books

The Library of the Cyprus University of Technology continuously enriches its collection of electronic sources and offers its users access to a great number of electronic books in cooperation with other academic libraries within the Heal-Link framework, as well as from its own resources.

Since the beginning of 2008 the electronic books collection has been enriched with about 11000 new titles from the Springer 2005, 2006, 2007 publications and 888 titles from the Referex ebook Engineering Collection (Elsevier) collection.

The CUT library also provides access to the full text of 3472 electronic books titles through the NetLibrary service, as well as to electronic books from collections that are freely available in the World Wide Web.

For clarifications and information please contact:
Maria Haraki Tel : +357 25002574


Catalogue of Electronic Books
Catalogue of Electronics Books through Library subscriptions.

Alphabetic Catalogue of Open Access Electronic Books
Free access to electronic books from collections in the World Wide Web is provided.