ISIL Cyprus National Registration Agency

ISIL: The International Standard Identifier for libraries

ISIL stands for the International Standard Identifier that can be assigned to a library. In Cyprus, the Library of the Cyprus University of Technology has been appointed as the ISIL registration agency for the local libraries.

An ISIL code uniquely identifies a library. The ISIL is intended to be used by the libraries and the enterprises that collaborate with the libraries, such as the editors and the suppliers. The ISIL is particularly useful in libraries where they use technologies that provide services in a bibliographic environment (e.g. creation of machine readable information).

An ISIL identifies a library throughout its life. Any library which is engaging in international library communication may be assigned an ISIL.


How to obtain an ISIL identifier

you require an ISIL code for your institution, please email us at .

A list with the Cyprus libraries that may be assigned an ISIL code can be found here.


Background Information

ISILs are 16-character variable length codes which uniquely identify libraries in an international context.

The Danish National Library Authority is the International Authority for the registration and maintenance of the standard. Its role is to maintain a source of information about the National agencies involved and to supervise the use of country prefixes.

More details about the ISIL are available from the ISIL Registration Authority website.