Social networks


The Library aiming to come closer to its audience and to update this audience about its news, has its own page and  group  on Facebook. Some of the benefits the members of the library can have on Facebook are the direct update about all the news and events of the Library, and the exchange of ideas and the cooperation to common areas of interest. .



Through twitter you can follow Library and be updated for its latest news, as events, new acquisitions of material etc. 



At Flickr you can see photos from various events, seminars and all the other daily events of the Library. 


Library's blog

The Library’s blog took its name from the Latin term Acta Diurna: the daily actions or daily acts or daily public records or Rome (Daily Acts or Daily Public Records).

The blog’s content is updated on a regular basis under the form of chronological diary per publishing date of the articles and its posts are categorized using tags.




The Library has its own page on the social network Google+ with main objective the communication and exchange of information with its audience. 


RSS Feeds

The news, announcements and events of the Library are available through the RSS service. Through this service you can receive the news you wish for through mail, on your phone or through any programme of reading news RSS you prefer.