Submission procedure

The submission in KTISIS can be done with two methods:

Registration and acceptance of the user in the system, where he/she can reposit his/her project.



To reposit exhibits you have to register at KTISIS. The Management Team of the repository gives to the user the right to submit his project to the corresponding collection.


Submitting of exhibit – Method of Auto-archiving

The reposit of the exhibit is done online by the user, who after being connected in the institutionary repository, he/she follows the predicted procedure of reposit:

1.    Submitting of description data of the exhibit

2.    Submitting of exhibit in pdf form

3.    Choosing of Creative Commons Licence

4.    Acceptance of the License of Online Disposal of Content

When the exhibit is successfully submitted to the system and before it is created in KTISIS, it passes through stages of control:

  • Processing and control of metadata
  • Posting online

Then the exhibit receives one permanent URL as identifier. This identifier remains stable for every exhibit, even if the system accepts changes or is transferred to new equipment. The permanent URL are referred (pursuant to the system Handle which is managed and created permanent identifiers, known as “handles”) as digital exhibits and other internet sources.