Training Seminars

The education and information of the users is one from the main objectives of the Library. For this reason during the academic year educational seminars for the services and the tools that the library has, take place. The seminars are offered to all the members of the Library on individual and/or team level. Theoretical but also laboratory seminars are offered to students, academic and administrative staff.

  • Tour of the Library: familiarization with the Library and the librarians
  • Books and e-books: learn how to search printed and online books in the Library
  • Articles, online journals and databases: learn how to search and find the most valid and scientific material on your subject.
  • Strategic for searching: smartly learn how to search for material and how to assess sources that are relative to your subject.
  • Mendeley: learn how to create and add references and bibliography list to your project

People interested in attending the training seminars may do so by submitting the bellow application:

Application to attend a seminar