Remote Access

The access service to the CUT data on the  internet through Virtual Private Network – VPN offers the ability to remote users of the University, which are online, but they are outside the network of the university, to connect in a safe way to the CUT network and to use the providing services. More specifically the service gives the opportunity to the users to have the same rights of access to the online sources of the CUT Library with these that they have when they connect to the network through the university.

Connectivity Guide

If you connect for the first time to the service VPN choose the proceeding of the installation of the software Anyconnect. When the software Anyconnect is installed then you do not have to have connection to Web VPN Portal but this can be done through the software that is on your computer.

Guide for connection through Windows
Guide for connection of Anyconnect for operating systems Mac

Software installation

Anyconnect - Version 4.7.0 (Windows )
Anyconnect - Version 4.5.0 (Windows )

Anyconnect - Version 4.10.0 (Mac)
Anyconnect - Version 4.7.0 (Mac)
Anyconnect - Version 4.6.0 (Mac)

Anyconnect - Version 64.4.7 (Linux)

iPhone App
Cisco AnyConnect App is available for iPhone and iPad devices.

Android App
Cisco AnyConnect is available for Android 4.X+ devices.