Material ordering

The Office of Management of Material of the Library, is responsible for ordering the material, for the enrichment of individual collections, maintenance or replacement of damaged material, acceptance of donations and withdrawal of material. Based on the proposals that are presented by the academic staff of the departments of the University, the Office of the Management of Material performs new orders. The proposals are assessed based on the subjects and cost (pursuant to the annual budget of the Library). All the orders are registered to the automated system of the Library, where the availability of the title in the catalogue is checked. 


Proceeding of sending orders towards the Library

For a better service, the sending of the orders is taking place through the tool Gobi3 .

To connect into your account, use the university’s email and your password. For more details regarding the procedure of ordering material, please see the Guide.

For orders regarding the below, please fill in the “Form for ordering online material (Database, ejournals)



Pursuant to the Library’s policy:

o   The material concerning “Short Loan”, is stated during the ordering, noting in the field “Internal Note” the word “Short Loan”.

o   The orders concerning educational books, are reported during the order in the field of “Internal Note” with the word “Textbook”.

o   Every urgent order has to be indicated.

o   Handwritten orders are not accepted.

o   For every title one (1) paperback copy is ordered.

o   In case that a title is already in the catalogue a purchase of an additional copy is not applicable.


An order of multiple copies is allowed only in cases where:

o   The material is used as key textbook, with maximum number three (3) copies.

o   There is high demand of material as the unified use of material in the teaching of courses from different department.

o   The natural state of material that indicates frequent use (damage)

o   The information material (e.g. dictionaries, encyclopedias), is necessary to more than one locations.


For further information and clarifications please contact the:


Acquisition Office

Library & Information Service

Cyprus University of Technology,

Kitiou Kyprianou 38, 3041 Limassol,

P.O. Box 50329, 3603 Limassol


Tel: 25002713, 25002199