Borrowing material

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Borrowing material

The borrowing of the material belonging to CUT Library falls under three borrowing categories:

a) Main collection This includes material that can be borrowed by all the library members. The loan duration differs according to the type of user. The material of this collection is also available for inter-library loan.

b) Short Loan Collection: This includes high demand material (which contains printed and audiovisual material) which is temporary transferred from the Key Collection and can be found in a special area of the Library for easier access and that the academic staff have defined as very important for the educational needs of the academic semester. This material can only be borrowed by undergraduate students, postgraduate students and Erasmus students as follows: • During the lessons and for three (3) hours • After 19:00, having the obligation to return it until 12:00 of the following day • Every Friday, from 19:00 until 12:00 of the Following Monday.

The Academic Staff and the Special Cooperators can borrow material only for a (1) day.

In case of late return of material that belongs to this collection, the fine reaches the amount of €0,50 per hour. For the Short Loan Collection’s material the users cannot renew or book.

c) Non-loanable material: This includes journals, newspapers, maps, material of archival and historical importance, and informational material (dictionaries, encyclopedias, manuals) of the library. This material cannot be borrowed and it can only be used inside the Library.

The material being removed from the Library, remains under the personal responsibility of the member until its return.

d) Literal Collection: it includes books of literature. The period of borrowing for all the members of the library is for fifteen (15) days. The material is concentrated in the special area of the library to have an easier access.

e) Cyprus Collection: includes books that were published in Cyprus, or they have been written by a Cypriot author or their subject is Cyprus. The material is regularly lent to everybody with rights of the key collection.

f) Language Centre Collection: includes books that concern the Language Centre, namely the books of language learning such as English, French, German etc. the collection’s books can be normally borrowed to all the members of the libraries with the rights of the key collection. The material is concentrated to a special area in the library in order to have an easier access.

g) Collection of Higher Institute of Technology: includes books that have been chosen to be included in the collection of CUT Library. Formerly they belong to the Higher Institute of Technology. The material is in a distant room and for its borrowing a form of book transferring from this room is filled in.

h) Audiovisual material: includes all the audiovisual material of the library such as CD, DVD, Slides, microfilms, audio cassettes etc. If this concerns audiovisual material which accompanies a book then the material is lent pursuant to the terms of the book accompanied. If it about audiovisual material that is not accompanied then it is lent to all the members of the library for (15) days.

i) Vasilis Michailides Collection:it includes books related to our national poet Vasili Michailides. The material is normally lent to all the members of the library for fifteen (15) days. The material is situated in special showcases.

j) Standards Collection: includes standards in hard copy or electronic form. This material is lent to all the members of the library excluded the external users for seven (7) days.

k) Open University’s Collection: includes books that belong to the Cyprus Open University and they have transferred to CUT Library. The material is normally lent to everybody with the same rights as the key collection.

l) Collection of Nicosia Hospital: it includes books that belong to the Library of Nicosia Hospital. For the borrowing of this collection you have to fill in the form of book transferring.


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Borrowing Rights

Members of the CUT Library can borrow material from all the library branches when they display their Member Card to the users’ helpdesk

The borrowing rights for the key collection per member category are as follows:

Postgraduate Students

Member type

Copies number

Loan period

Academic Staff

Twenty Five (25)

For the Duration of (1) period of the year*

Special Scientific Staff

Fifteen (15)

For the Duration of (1) period of the year*

Undergraduate Student

Six (6)

Fifteen (15) calendar days

Postgraduate Students (Master)

Ten (10)

Twenty-one (21) calendar days

Exchange Students

Six (6)

Fifteen (15) calendar days

Administrative Staff

Six (6)

Fifteen (15) calendar days

Postgraduate Students (PHD)

Ten (10)

Twenty-one (21) calendar days

Medical and Paramedical staff

Ten (10)

Twenty-one (21) calendar days

External users

Five (5)

Fifteen (15) calendar days

Partnership Member

Five (5)

Fifteen (15) calendar days


Six (6)

Fifteen (15) calendar days

*Academic year semesters
(α) 1st Period (1 September until 31 December)
(β) 2nd Period (1 January until 31 May)
(γ) 3rd period (1 June until 31 August)

The books have to be returned to the Library no later than 5 days before the end of each period.


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Borrowing terms

Loan renewal

Renewals of borrowed material take place based on the category of a member as follows:

  • Academic staff, special scientific collaborators, PhD students, postgraduate students, medical and paramedical staff: up to 3 consecutive times
  • Undergraduate students, Exchange students, Administrative staff and Graduates: up to 2 consecutive times.
  • • External users and Collaboration Members: only 1 time

Renewals take place at the library by presenting your membership card or electronically through theMy Account or by telephone at 25002518 for Limassol or 22001803 for Nicosia or even by emailing at

Renewals are not possible if the book has not been returned on time and there is a fine imposed or if the material has been reserved by another user.


Users can reserve any material of all collections of the Library except of Short Loan Collection. Prerequisite of reservation is the material to be already borrowed by another user. The reservation is affected by presenting their Library card at the Circulation and information Desk, or by selecting the command " Place Hold; in the Library WeOPAC. When the item is returned to the Library, the user will be informed by email or telephone in order to come along to the Library and pick it up. If the user does not receive the reserved material within 3 days from the notification, then the reservation is cancelled.

Reservations cannot be made for material that belongs to the Short Loan Collection. For the reservations there is priority order

Recall of material

The Library reserves the right to recall borrowed books, when necessary, on behalf of interested parties, after a period of seven (7) days from the original borrowing date. The Library staff contacts the user either by telephone or written notification to the user that has borrowed the material. If the user does not comply with the recall request then a fine can be imposed.

Return of material

The user is obliged to return the material he has borrowed at the Circulation and information Desk within the time period defined according to the user category. the borrowing and return timetable of the material of the Library are strictly reserved and are valid for all the users’ categories.

Replacement of lost or damaged material

The material to be borrowed will be inspected at the time of borrowing and return. In case of severe damage or loss of the material then the user has to inform the Library and is obliged to replace the material or to replace the material or to pay to the Library the corresponding amount to the price of the exhibit. .

Any lost material remains a property of the CUT Library and if found it has to be returned to the Library. The damaged or destroyed material belongs to the Library and is kept in a special archive.

The book replaced, if bought, it should be the exact publication and this have to take place within one month for all the library users except the students that have the right to replace it until the next registrations to the academic semester.

If the material replaced cannot be found, is out of print, then the user should pay the total amount of purchase that this costed to the library. Users that did not notify on time the library for the damage or loss of material that he/she has in his/her disposal then he/she will have to be fined according to the Library rules.

Late returns

Users that return material later than the due date or time that was defined at borrowing are obliged to pay a fine analogous to the delay. The cost is for all the collections 0,40 cents per day and for the Short Loan Collection is 0,50 cents per hour. When there is a fine pending for a user, then the user cannot borrow or renew material from the Library until the fine is settled. Also, students that have a pending fine cannot be registered to the following semester or to graduate if they do not settle their obligations.

Transferring of material between branches

The Library’s members have the ability to request material from distant book areas such as the one where the Collection of Cyprus Institute of Technology is situated at. The interested party has to fill in the transferring material form and to hand it at the Users’ Circulation and information Desk.

Cooperation with other University Libraries

Universities’ users (UNIVERSITY OF CYPRUS, OPEN UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF NICOSIA, CUT) they can visit the corresponding libraries and borrow or use their services. Firstly, they have to fill in a form at their university and the latter will send the data to the university the user is interested to. The service is free. The user when visits another library should show his library card. The cooperation user has the right to borrow five (5) books for fifteen (15) days. The cooperation students cannot use the Inter-library service, but they hav to visit the Library to which they belong.

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